Did you know that the adorable Akita dogs
are facing serious trouble?

What is an Akita dog?
The Akita dog is a smart and loyal breed of dog. Due to their intelligence, negligence to discipline the dog will often result in handling difficulties. If properly trained, the dog would not bite or disobey their owner. Their owner would mean everything to the Akita dog.

Ever increasing popularity of the Akita dog

For example, Italy surpassed Japan with 1,572 registered Akita dogs annually.

Many challenges faced
by the popular Akita dog

46,225 dogs in 1972

2,038 dogs in 2011
Dwindling number of
registered dogs
The popularity of the Akita dog overseas gave bought about an increase in 6.671 dogs registered as compared to only 2.704 in Japan.
in culling
An increase in culling of abandoned dogs with nowhere to go have become a serious problem.
As a result of aging breeders, there is a lack of successors to inherit the profession, bringing about a severe situation.
The mating of the Akita dog with non-pedigree dogs and dogs of overseas origin have caused the pure-bred dogs to decrease, increasing the number of crossbred dogs.

The Akita dog's hometown, Akita Prefecture, is facing a severe case of population decline.

Hometown of the Akita dog, Akita Prefecture, is facing the most severe case of population decline amongst the 47 prefectures of Japan. In addition to this issue, Akita Prefecture is also said to highest rate of death from suicides, cancer, and cerebral infarction. Conversely, they also suffer from having one of the lowest per capita prefectural income, ranking 43rd out of the 47 prefectures.

The population of Akita Prefecture in 2020 decreased by -6.94% as compared to 2015.

Prefectures Rate of decrease 2020 2015
1 Akita -6.94% 952,069 1,023,119
2 Aomori -5.94% 1,230,535 1,308,265
3 Kochi -5.28% 689,785 728,276
4 Iwate -5.26% 1,212,201 1,279,594
5 Yamagata -5.24% 1,064,954 1,123,891
Estimated population as of 1st Oct 2020
VS National census as of 1st Oct 2015
Akita dog's hometown "Akita Prefecture"
HACHI, the faithful dog, was born in 1923 in Odate City, Akita Prefecture. Akita Prefecture, the hometown of the Akita dog, has landscapes and traditions that change with the seasons, such as the magnificent mountains, the azure Sea of ​​Japan, and the shining green countryside. There are beautiful nature and traditional culture such as various festivals. A variety of local dishes made from fresh ingredients grown in abundant nature is also a big attraction, symbolizing the richness of Akita's food culture.

About Destination Marketing Organization (DMO)

Akita Inu Tourism

What is Akita Inu Tourism?

Akita Inu Tourism works to promote tourism to Odate City, Kitaakita City, Kosaka Town, & Kamikoani Village in northern Akita Prefecture through the appeal of Akita dogs to promote the activities, scenery, and culture of our area to domestic and foreign audiences.
We seek to protect the area through international and cross-cultural interactions. To achieve that purpose, we would like to share more about the Akita dog and its special traits, and work towards the goal of revitalizing the area.

Akita Inu Tourism


13-19 Sannomaru, Odate City, Akita Prefecture

TEL:(+81) 70-2020-3085

Collaborating partner : ONE FOR AKITA

Activities of the ONE FOR AKITA Project

With the main goal of resolving the issue of the declining Akita dog population and culling, ONE FOR AKITA started the ONE FOR AKITA Project. A part of the project includes the running of Akita Inu Station which seeks to ensure the survival of the Akita dogs; protecting dogs which have been abandoned as well as training and matching of fosters; and raising awareness of the issues faced by Akita dogs.

Above all, a lot of effort is put into activities revolving around the protection of Akita dogs which have been abandoned. At ONE FOR AKITA, aid is provided to emotionally hurt dogs through care and training to be able to adapt to new loving fosters. Once that process is complete, matching to ensure that the most suitable foster is conducted. Up till now, out of 8 dogs under their care, 3 have successfully been adopted (as of February 2021). Since its establishment in 2018, they have been successfully able maintain 0 cases of Akita dog culling within the prefecture till date.

"ONE FOR AKITA" Working for conservation of Akita dogs

"ONE FOR AKITA", an organization who carries out activities aimed at preserving and protecting Akita dogs with various issues, is a collaborative partner who supports the activities advocated by Akita Inu Tourism to improve the value of Akita dogs and emphasize the importance of conservation activities. We aim to work together to further fulfil our purpose.


〒017-0976 1-1-3 Yabaseminami, Akita City, Akita Prefecture

TEL:(+81) 18-807-2535 Email / ofa@saveakita.or.jp

We hope to increase the wave of exchange and support by communicating the charms and challenges faced by the Akita dog and its birthplace, Northern Akita.